Band/artist: Mechanics Of The Mind

Album Title: Reckless & Divided

Label: DIY

Release Date: March 31st 2019

Genre: Hard Rock / Metal / Progressive 


Mechanics Of The Mind was formed in 2013, as the brainchild of bass player songwriter / lyricist Terry Scott, and lead guitarist Tony Linhares.  Terry, saw the same cookie cutter style, of Rock / Metal, and felt that music was losing a creative element, as it seems so many band’s sound the same, or want to sound like this or like that, decidedly, Terry and Tony took an organic approach, to create something different and unique with a fresh new sound.  The duo, were joined by Forest White on drums and Michael Reardon on vocals, and Dave Porter added as rhythm guitarist.  In 2015, the band released the single ‘Rubber Bullets’.  This song was chosen by The Akademia Music Awards, in Los Angeles California as 2015 best hard rock song.  This opened new doors for the band, as Internet radio stations started playing the song, including Sirius Satellite Radio.  In, 2018, the band decided it was time to go into the studio and start recording a full length album.  It was during this time, Jesse Flint, would replace Michael on vocals, the band entered the studio and the recordings began.  One year later the new album titled Reckless & Divided was proudly released on March 31 2019.  In the end of 2019, Forest  White, moved out of state, he was replaced by Riley Kovac, a short time later rhythm guitarist Dave Porter left the band, to pursue his own company, Dave was then replaced by Nate Garduno, Determined, to do this the right way, and to stay focused, the band knew the only way this was going to work would be having a positive outlook and attitude as individuals, that want to push to achieve the same goals, so that all involved complete the chemistry of whom, and what Mechanics Of The Mind is all about.  We are confident that you will be hearing more about Mechanics Of The Mind, and the doors that will open, please enjoy our new album ‘Reckless & Divided’.


Band Line-Up:

Jesse Flint – Vocals

Tony Linhares – Lead guitar & vocals

Nate Garduno – Rhythm guitar & vocals

Terry Scott – bass & vocals

Riley Kovac - Drums


CD Track Listing and Time

1. Tear Under My Skin – 4:21

2. Reckless -3:18

3. Distorted Eyes – 2:59

4. Clouds Of Dust – 3:28

5. Rubber Bullets – 4:10

6. Sight Unseen (Dresden) – 3:15

7. Trained Monkey – 3:22

8. Gamble With The Devil -3:56


Reckless & Divided, is available to stream / purchase on all major digital outlets, as well as available to purchase the physical CD, Mechanics Of The Mind’s first full length album titled Reckless & Divided, continues the quest to create unique organically made hard rock / progressive music, that is a fresh new sound, that is not of mainstream, yet, without any cookie cutter elements, still being able to achieve engaging high energy music, with powerful and memorable choruses, being able to tell a story using metaphors, and musicianship completes the entourage of each songs independence. 


Influences for the new album: Life! People in today’s society are, Reckless & Divided